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The decision to buy and/or sell real estate is one of the most significant financial and emotional events that people make in their lives. Regardless of income levels or life-styles,the questions of whether to buy or to sell, to move or to remodel, to cling to or cast aside the memories associated with the places of living, of growing up, of raising families, are always difficult, always complex, always more expensive and time consuming than most people imagine. Finding that new home which is right for you, that home which fits your needs, which you can enjoy and afford, especially in this new, often troublesome, economic climate, has become equally difficult. Finances have become more important than ever to everyone. More Americans are working longer hours than ever before just to keep their heads above the waves. American dreams of home ownership, historically the defining characteristic of being an American,of being free, of being better off, of having a stake in their society are becoming harder and harder to realize. At the same time, interest rates charged by home lenders remain at historic lows, inviting more and more people into the market to buy, and the development of the internet has released a tidal wave of information which has equipped more Americans than ever with the knowledge and skills to take advantage of their housing opportunities. It is just very hard to know what is the right thing to do!

Our mission at Century 21 Advanced Realty is to help real estate buyers and sellers to overcome these obstacles, to chart the right course, and to transform their dreams into reality.