Hold that Phone: DIY Tips before Calling a Fridge Technician

Every homeowner has to deal with the maintenance and repair of refrigerators from time to time. Calling a fridge technician may solve your problems immediately, but before calling one, you might want to try out these DIY steps on finding out what went wrong: More information reparación de refrigeradores

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Inspect and clean the coils – Coils may not be visible parts of the fridge, but they still need to be cleaned. Dirty coils affect the performance of a refrigerator. If your coils have a dust build-up on them, you can either brush or vacuum over and under.

Check if the gasket seals well – Tightly sealed gaskets prevent the cold air from coming out of the unit. Replacing a worn gasket or cleaning a dirty gasket with a soapy solution will ensure that your fridge won’t waste energy supplying too much cold air because of the loosely sealed gasket.

Replace your filters – A refrigerator ice maker’s filter needs constant replacement. If you still have it, check your manufacturer’s datasheet regarding changing filters.

By knowing these simple DIY tips, you don’t really need to splurge on the repair of refrigerators by technicians.